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모던한 감각 속에 세련된 디자인을 더한 객실로서, 간단한 조리가 가능하도록 인덕션 렌지가 설치되어 있는 룸입니다. We offer spacious rooms with a modern ambience for the guests.
SUPERIOR PRIVATE room has eqquiped with induction cooking system for simple cooking.
作为一个时尚而又简约的客房 ,为了可以做一些简单的料理在房间里设置了电磁炉。 モダンな感覚、洗練されたデザインの客室として簡単な調理ができるように電磁調理器が設置されている客室です。
* Prohibited dishes include meat, fried foods, and fish.
* The fire alarm will be activated by a smoke detector,
and the ventilation system has operating issues.
* Any rules violation will result in a fine of 200,000 KRW being imposed.

Shuttle bus



Universal adapter


Coin-operated washing machine


Simmons premium bed


Samsung 48" LED TV

Samsung air conditioner

Private wardrobe

Private safety deposit box

No-noise refrigerator

Bath Supplies

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